Finding design inspiration

Easier said than done I hear you cry? Well it certainly was a challenge trying to find inspiration for my portfolio website. However, with a bit of perseverence, anything is possible.

I drew inspiration from portfolio sites I ‘googled’. That’s pretty much where most people start. I also signed up to Pinterest (feel free to view my design boards) which is a great place to draw ideas from particularly if you have no idea where to begin. Often when I start a project I like to view well crafted sites on awwwards, Behance and dribbble which are great places to view other peoples work and gain ideas – all of which are easy to sign up and showcase your work.


I also started looking at possible colour schemes. A great website that I use often is which is brilliant for searching palettes – particularly if you’re looking for colours with a particular theme. It’s really easy to use and gives you so many options to incorporate the palette into whatever you’re designing.

Another great website for colour inspiration is Adobe Kuler – which gives you control over so many shades. The colour wheel is a great feature to be specific on the color and of course the RGB and hex codes help when incorporating them into your design.


Based on today’s websites – you’ll notice that the fonts used are very clean and simple. A place to search for fonts is googlefonts. They’ve recently updated their UI (user interface for newbies). Another great website for typography is fontsquirrel. Compared to google fonts which you add into your code, for designers font squirrel is a great site to download fonts and use them straight away in your designs – I have downloaded so many fonts for my designs and it’s so simple. Just open the zip file, drag and drop into your fonts folder on your computer and they automatically update into photoshop or illustrator with little to no fuss.

Stock images

Finding suitable images for websites is not easy especially when you don’t have the money to pay for them when you’re just starting off. Pixabay and freeimages are great places to search for images that are free to use and download for your own personal website. They have hundreds of thousands of images to choose from, so you’ll never feel like you can’t design and incorporate images into your projects without having to purchase.

These are just some of the websites that I have discovered when looking putting together my portfolio website – I hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me.


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